Meet the Creator and editor

Photo:  Damari McBride

Hello Lovies!

Thank you so much for taking a moment out of what I know is a beautiful life, to visit this absolutely breathtaking blog. bahahahahahahaah- I had to!  My name is Lindiwe Davis and yes, you will butcher it the first time saying it and that's okay. I started this blog as a way to introduce myself and share my passion for living a delicious life, in the hope that you will also be inspired by the stories and triumphs displayed. So, you'll find my looks of the week aka my style, books I'm reading, the places in New York I adore, travel agendas and aspirations and many other lifestyle attributes that I hope will be helpful to you. Aside from delicious biscuits being one of my lifetime obsessions and the main reason for this blog, I desperately want to showcase women, women of color and spotlight Black women and their narratives, which make up a life. Not the lives of the women we see on television or the stereotypes we are fed, but the actual lives of women you and I both know and see daily.

I am a former corporate America junkie and a career creative, with a strong foundation rooted in business operations, content creation, project management,mentoring others and communications among other things. I am also a speaker/moderator, blogger, media mogul(in the making) and digital media expert.  And yes, I will plug myself... I mean if I can't keep it  "100" with all of you, then I definitely need to sit down! I digress...Also, I'm quite the nerd which would explain the two bachelor degrees and more recently completing a M.S. degree in publishing (digital media).

The road to creating and publishing this blog has been a long, tested, yet fulfilling road ( a blog post will explain this further). But I've created this blog (brand)because it's one of my callings. I have to do this, much like eating biscuits, doing squats regularly and continuing my legacy of having a smart mouth- these are "must haves." So I will share more of my stories and experiences as the blog starts to unfold and I look forward to interacting with all of you from time to time in a positive manner. I want to thank all of you for visiting; don't forget to complete the email sign up-  for the latest posts , news, giveaways- you lovies know how this works. And let's keep the party going!