5 Books: My Winter Reading Rundown

The new year is here, and I'm already so behind on all of the delicious books I have been hoping to read. I have a Goodreads list, much like the next person.  And yet,  I  want to have more hours in the day to read more books, eat biscuits and do more squats. Nonetheless, every time I put together my "to-read" list  I discover more incredible options, and now I'm frustrated that my daytime job is not a role as a well-paid book reader, not to be confused with a  book critic.

Here are the first five books (on my reading list) to check out during this winter season:

This list is a round-up of talented female authors, except for one and that book is about a Black woman co-produced by the always gifted Frank Miller. I've chosen these five books because I am not a creature of habit when it comes to my interest in stories. I consider myself a storyteller, so in turn, I am seduced by a good story. For example, I can jump from reading Kevin Hart's book, I Cant Make This Up: Life Lessons to Richard Kadrey's Sandman Slim series and everything in between including self-help/motivational and entrepreneurial guides.

This year my goal is to read 25 books, and the books above will keep me busy for a few months. However, it's likely I'll add more books to my overall reading list and become frustrated all over again because there is so much good stuff--I know, it's a vicious cycle. Tell me what you hope to read this year and let's tackle our reading lists!