The Jumpsuit Diaries: Floral Arrangements

I love jumpsuits. I could be happy wearing a jumpsuit, onesie, overalls, jumper-- it doesn't matter. I love one piece outfits. Now, I know as some of you read this, you're thinking, "I can't wear a jumpsuit." I am here to tell you that you can and you should. I know the struggle can be real, especially, when you may be top heavy, bottom heavy or both. Either way-- this kind of outfit should not be shunned and I can promise you, once you find one that you like, there is no turning back. I may need therapy though because I adore jumpsuits. Each year  I become thirstier and thirstier for my next jumpsuit. Better this kind of thirsty and not the other kind. 

This jumpsuit (older) in particular, came from ASOS ( I love this retailer). It was an "I hope this will fit" kind of buy. And when I received this beauty--it worked. It has a particular flow to it and I did not have to figure out where the waistline was, for example. It's definitely one of those pieces you can wear to work, dinner, brunch or dress it down with sandals or a sneaker. In this instance, I easily paired it with my favorite turquoise stiletto (Jessica Simpson) and threw in a floral clutch (Steve Madden) for good measure.  I say all this to say, when you see a jumpsuit or any outfit that seems a bit intimidating, forget the assumption and just give it a try. You never know what treasure you may acquire. :) 

For some delicious jumpsuits I'm currently eyeing check out: Aerie. ASOS and Lou &Grey .