Look of The Week: My Cape Has Powers

Dear sweet Monday- why can't it be Friday? Well lovies, I'm just asking the obvious question. If you are anything like me, you've forgotten your deodorant ( thankfully, I keep one in my purse) and you haven't gotten your tea. Okay, let's be real- some of you loose your damn mind without coffee. So, back to the outfit...It's important to get up on a Monday with the "spirit" of "let's do this.!" Now this may be a slow sentiment right when waking up, but once you get the morning started, you fill yourself with hope for the day. And then you got your outfit to consider. Now, I don't know you lovelies, but for me I like to get dressed particularly on Monday and Fridays. And so this Monday includes: 

My Cape! Oh yes--a cape can change your life, let alone your day. Any opportunity I have to rock a cape I take it, because my super powers are instantly charged up! Wearing a cape is like wearing a "mobile superwomen charger," when you happen to be a superwoman. Of course a thigh high boot, ankle boot, heirloom from your mother or favorite hat will do the trick as well. The point is to walk outside today feeling empowered from the inside and the outside. 

So enjoy yourselves. Start the week with confidence and a plan to succeed no matter what obstacles may come your way!

The Look: Zara Track Pant and T-Shirt, WhoWhatWear Cape Blazer, Steve Madden Block Heel Sandal