Instant Sneaker Classic: My A-DI-Das

Gosh, I love a "just right" casual, street-style sneaker and outfit. I'm the kind of gal that will put on a sneaker with a pixie style dress slack or a pair of joggers--it's all lethal! But when I am in casual mode, the sky is the limit. So this post got me thinking about how styles and attitudes for that matter, always come back around. To that end, I never put myself in a box as it relates to my style or just in life overall. With time I continue to evolve, of course, and I don't hold myself to social constructions. For example, if I want to put on a full Adidas tracksuit and I'm over 30 years old- I'm going to do it. If I want to wear big ass hoop earrings--I go for it. My point--I wear what makes me feel happy, good and in tune with myself. Fashion is always changing and often borrows from the past. I'm only keeping up with myself and not what the "it" thing is at that moment. I love my high-top Adidas Pro Model. I have yet to wear these shoes with an outfit that sent me in the wrong direction. That may also be because I love sneakers as much as I do heels and boots. I'm an equal opportunity street-style geek.

You want to pull out some sneakers and question whether you can wear and/or style them? The answer is always yes- just go for it. This is my typical daytime weekend wear and it works. 

And so I loved this shoot because I was as comfortable as a stuffed animal on a bed of fluffy pillows--light, airy and there!  Whatever your sneaker choice may be, choose a pair that's comfortable, reliable and showcases your style. A casual outfit can be whatever you need it to be, and you're the star of your own fashion show!

The Look: Zara Jogger and Shirt, UNIQULO Sweater, Adidas Pro Model High-Top Sneakers