Hello To That Golden Yellow Summer Of Color

Well...well....well! I was caught at City Bakery and it was worth the trip, as usual, There are so many delicious things about being in New York City and every time I come into the city ( since my actual home is in New Jersey)-- I am knocked off my feet. Most of my life takes place in New York City and the experiences cannot be beaten. Each time I am amazed and energized by this beautiful, stinky, expressive, independent, and stylishly loud environment. Of course, I am biased, because I've wanted to live in New York for more than 20 years.  And when I finally made it to New York I was humbled. I can never take for granted how much I learned from being a fan, a resident and now commuter. I have such a nostalgia running errands, having brunch ( New Yorkers BRUNCH!) and being my whole self in every way. 

Speaking of being myself, I love the yellow I am wearing in the image above. When I was younger my mother always tried to get me to wear bright colors and I bypassed every initiative. She was the James Bond of trying to sneak flowers and color into my wardrobe. And I was whatever villain you can think of for this particular comparison. It's only fair to say that my mom was a fashionable woman and took risks with her outfit choices. SO I learned from one of the best as it relates to having your own sense of style and owning it.  The reason why I tried to give her the stink eye ( emphasis on try--I was raised by a Black woman--we don't play those games) was because I loved wearing black, navy and grey--but I now love lavender, floral pinks, chartreuse/yellow, violets, and magenta.

Photos:  Damari McBride
3.18.17 Lin Weekly Sessions-3013.jpg

I have been so thirsty for the start of a new season. But then again, summer times here in New York/New Jersey are known to be humid. Not the regular kind of humid that feels like a light mist accompanied by a breeze. Ohhh no--I'm speaking of the kind of humidity that has your skin looking flawless and your hair looking like you were rolling around in sticks and water at the same time. And you just left your house five minutes earlier.  Additionally, the weather has been completely unpredictable. And so my hope is that we avoid the humidity all together considering we're still rocking light sweaters or light overcoats in the morning. I am so ready to upgrade my closet with some of the colors I mentioned above--but I have been avoiding the act of shopping. I assumed it was because I was still avoiding the idea of wearing color but it is really about spending time trying on clothes in a dressing room, that's the size of a bathroom stall when you've just got out of the dewy weather. Nonetheless, there is no escaping the seasonal changes--so I've decided to take on this closet revamp as a challenge, incorporate all of those colors and remember that my momwas a smart woman.

The Look: Zara Jacket and Shirt, UNIQULO Shirt and Joggers and don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin