Ana Coeur: Artist, Furniture Designer & Bonafide Love Angel

CoeurTheCupid is by far one of the most visually intriguing blogs, let alone websites around. I-- much like any other fan of creativity feed off of freedom of expression. And Ana Coeur uses her creative talents to relay messages of LOVE (beauty, romance, and healing) as a love angel. She is on a mission to remind people that true love is still very much a thing of the present. Cupid ( her moniker and alias) is the facilitator, and she built a fairy tale inspired world for Cupid to relay these messages of love, self-confidence, self-consciousness and--I could go on and on.   

Photo Courtesy of: Ana Coeur

Photo Courtesy of: Ana Coeur

The first time I opened her site I was blown away by the artistry and her words of encouragement and hope. But she takes a particular interest in reminding women and young girls on believing in the magic of thyself, inner beauty, and making dreams and fairy tales come true in their own lives. One of my favorite posts is Twin Flame Energetic Signs & Symptoms, in which she beautifully breaks down how you can identify a twin flame. If you are unfamiliar with the term, she wrote an excellent post that gives a distinction between a twin flame and soulmate. By the way, she also designs furniture and develops impressive art pieces. And her Instagram account--gorgeous, as every image was created by Ana. Listen, if you aren't fangirling by the time you see just one image, then we might all be creatively doomed to stick figures! So without further adieu, let's get to know Ana aka CoeurTheCupid, a bit more: 

How did you come up with your blog and why is being a "love angel" so important to you?

Love Angel is part of my soul's DNA! I knew this when I was little and called myself a love angel, but I didn't expect that it would blossom into being Cupid one day. After going through my spiritual transformation, I wanted to coach other women about self-love and inner beauty, but the universe was nudging me to do something different, something more lighthearted and whimsical. I have always lived in the realm of imagination, dolls, and toys and actually see myself as a doll character. Creating Cupid was not so much an overnight a-ha moment, but an identity that's been stirring within me since I was little and I later became more aware of.

Tell us about a hardship you've endured. How did you handle the situation and what did you learn?

A hardship that I have endured was the relationship I had with my mother. I say "was" and "had" because through healing I've completely released all of the hardship aspects of that relationship and now feel wonderful freedom, love and joy. It was a very difficult and rocky relationship but now I consider it to be the best thing that has ever happened to me because through it I learned how to deeply love and cherish myself. Even though the journey was fraught with pain, I still wouldn't trade this and deeply treasure what this relationship has taught me. 

You have a beautiful blog. How has tapping into your creative talents given you more freedom in your life and career?

Thank you so much! Creativity is my food, air, and water! I cannot go through a day without creating something - a piece of art, writing or a meal. And now, being able to monetize my creativity is the best feeling in the world, because it means giving your soul currency (a la Robert Ohotto). No longer do we need to separate a job from a passion, or money from passion, or to pick one without the other. It can be both. It should be both. Starving artists who suffer for their art are an attitude of the past.

Finish this sentence: My accomplishments thus far have been a result of determination and _______________

My accomplishments thus far have been a result of determination and self-love, self-mothering, self-trust and a commitment to healing/releasing everything that doesn't vibrate on the level of unconditional love and joy. 

Photo (Art): Ana Coeur

Photo (Art): Ana Coeur

Do you have a responsibility to represent your race in the best way possible and do you feel pressure, now that you have a blog and you're seen on a public platform?

It might surprise some but I don't believe in race. I feel that I am an angel first and human being second! To me, race is a human-made way for us to separate ourselves based on people who were born before us, or based on which piece of real estate we were born in on this planet or the color of our skin. I would much rather see a world that doesn't have any borders or a way to declare or mark how we are different from each other. To me, we are all One. We all came from the same place, so in terms of race, we are all Souls first - that is our true 'race'. As Cupid, I get asked this question a lot of fans! People want to know if Cupid is Asian, but my initial response is to always say, "I am an angel!" When I was still going through my spiritual transformation, there was a time I felt a responsibility to help people in my culture who received the same or similar type of mental programming that I had. But over the years, I've released that specific responsibility and opened myself up to connecting with everyone regardless of culture or race. I think anyone who feels unloved or orphaned will relate to Cupid, not just those who are Asian. So to answer this question more simply, I desire to share this love and wisdom with all, not just with a particular culture.

What influences your style?

What influences my style is a deep connection to a world of imagination, play and romance. I love the land of make-believe - it makes more sense to me than what's happening in the world now. I enjoy being able to create my own reality and choose the thoughts that I want to think. Cupid is my real self. There is no distinction between me and her, so it is not a persona that I present on social media and I am some other person in real life. For example, Cupid, who always says "Heehee" as a response to expressing joy and amusement is how I talk in real life, too! I am also what you call a hopeful romantic. I believe in true love, magic and fairy tales. To me, they are real. Not the fairy tales that we read as children that scare us about big bad wolves, evil moms or that princesses need to be saved by princes - but a sense of deep serenity, full acceptance of yourself and your life, being intoxicatingly in love with who you are, adventure, and as a bonus, sharing love with one's twin flame. To me, that is a real fairy tale and I know because I am living it!

Is it time for women to stop apologizing for who they are and want to be?

Yes, it is, and it is time for women to be more connected with their inner femininity. We aren't supposed to be 'equal' with men - women and men will never be equal and nature didn't design us to be equal. Nature designed for us to be complementary. Each gender or personality has a set of strengths that are meant to complement and support another person, who has their unique set of strengths to offer to the world. We are all puzzle pieces fitting into each other and no two are the same. Women don't need to be more masculine in order to survive. That is trying to father ourselves but doing it from a place of force or pressure, or a fear of not being able to survive. We don't need to fake-generate testosterone where there were none just to demonstrate that we are equal or powerful. We already have power, but it is a different form of power. I encourage women to explore what their innate power feels like - the one that they were born with. It could very well be a masculine-level type of power, or it could be a quiet power, or a huge sense of strength, courage, charm, diplomacy - it can be anything! We don't have to try to be anyone else or suit up with armor to feel safe in the world. There is such a thing as being very powerful while also feeling very vulnerable simultaneously. Vulnerability is probably the biggest power of them all because it is relaxing into a sense of spiritual surrender where god & goddess can step in and do the rest. With siblings and friends, we can seek being complementary instead of being equal too. We will always have our strengths and the other person has theirs. Being focused on equality can lead to competition amongst friends or sibling rivalry in terms of how we relate to ourselves or pursue goals. Competition creates friction and it ensures that the person being competed with doesn't get love or support in that relationship. We don't need to keep up with each other or 'one up' each other when we feel insecure. That's another thing to heal so that people can relax more and feel more joy and acceptance in who they really are.

What advice would you give to other women wanting to jump out there and start their passion projects?

Just do it! Even if you don't have any of the pieces in place. You will probably never feel ready, but fortunately, all you need to do is the next step, however small it is. The important thing to know is that success isn't hard. Success, in many ways, is just about executing tasks, one after another after another. What makes it hard are the emotions associated with it. So to make success feel and be easier, heal the emotions. Heal the fears of failure, the fear of disappointment, not feeling good enough, fear of visibility, not trusting yourself or god & goddess - anything that makes taking action feel scary. Because in reality, doing a task is rather neutral - like brushing your teeth (unless that's scary for you!) or doing laundry. I also want to point out that there is a difference between feeling good enough and 'doing' good enough. We can choose to feel good enough at any moment, even when we aren't fully skilled or physically prepared to do the work that we want to do - because feeling good enough is an emotional and spiritual decision. On the other hand, there is the physical and technical aspect of 'doing' good enough. For example, carpenters, surgeons, athletes, musicians, artists - any profession that requires you to 'do' something - you are always welcome to hone your craft as much, as deep and as far as you want. These are technical skills that have no bearing on your worthiness or how good you feel about yourself. So my advice is, feel good enough already AND, if you want, refine those technical skills so that you are also 'doing' high-quality work that your clients will love.

Do you believe you have a spirit animal? If so, what is it?

I love animals! I am not sure if I have one spirit animal, but I identify with owls and bunnies very much. Lately I have been identifying with cats as well. But you will see lots of bunnies on Cupid's Instagram and I also wear bunny shoes in real life!

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